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Realcommercial.com.au have selectively grouped their listings into 9 different categories for commercial advertising.


All office types: small medium and large, ground floor, or even in a commercial building, rural or metropolitan.


The Retail category extends to all retail types right from beauty/hair salons to petrol stations. As long as it is a retail commercial property, it would go into this category.


This category is designed for the industrial property whether it is a ‘stand-alone’ or in an industrial estate. It covers many different industrial applications that the premises can accommodate, such as mechanics, trucking, storage, mechanical, trade, car yards, engineering, production, warehousing or similar.

Showrooms/Bulky Goods

This category and the industrial/warehouse category are very similar and can be sometimes be interchangeable. More particular this would suit those premises that have a showroom and are more ‘light industrial’ or even retail industrial.


This category is available for any development opportunity, whether it be land only, or multi storey opportunities, offices, or even residential subdivision opportunities. The category is well looked at by builders, developers, planners and the average person looking for opportunities for commercial premises.


Any accommodation or leisure premises including hotel, motel, caravan parks, home stays, large B&B’s, tourism or sporting.

Medical Consulting

Any medical type is suited in this category: hospital, medical suites, dentist premises, doctor’s practice etc.

Commercial Farming

No matter which type of a commercial farm this can include entity that is a commercial farm such as agriculture, aquaculture, cropping, dairy, grazing, horticulture, winery, livestock, pastoral stations, plantations or even mixed farming. These are farms that produce an income that are for sale.


Other category is used for any other miscellaneous types of commercial properties, that ‘do not fit’ into ANY of the categories above.


Realcommercial.com.au, established 2002 and is owned and operated by ASX Listed REA Group Ltd and is one of the main sites No Agent Business subscribes to for customers to list their commercial property for sale. An example of the magnitude of their audience (as per Neilsen Digital Ratings) they have a monthly audience of over 1.2 million people PER MONTH. It is one of the websites highly recommended when you wish to sell your commercial asset. As a private seller, you cannot list directly onto their website, your listing must go through No Agent Business as we are official subscribers.

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Realcommercial’s website is easy to use for buyers searching to buy a commercial property. Buyers can search by state, suburb, and by category. They can even choose a minimum price, a maximum price along with minimum and maximum size of the premises. There is also a great ‘refined searching tool’ for advanced searching. This includes, amount of car parks, Tenure Type (Vacant or Tenanted) and NABERS Energy Rating. In this ‘refined search’ buyers can also choose the radial distance from the suburb they choose. This is a great tool for buyers, as it is often the case that a buyer is looking for a specific area to either invest in or buy the premises to run their own business in.



No Agent Business assist with this, as we align our category types to the major portals. You can choose 3 categories to list your commercial property, per advert. If you are unsure ‘request a call’ from one of our commercial specialist consultants.

Nay Phu Tran

Commercial Property Sold By Owner - Bligh Street Sydney NSW

“Jacqui from no agent property was excellent in helping us word our advertisement .It was all most professional and very reasonably priced .
We had lots of enquiries from our ad and also eventually sold.
Thank you John and Tanya Nugent.”

Commercial Property Sold By Owner - High Street Maldon VIC

“We are delighted that we can now say that both our business and commercial property have sold. Although our purchasers first noticed the for sale sign in the window, they immediately referred to the internet listing to view the property before approaching us with an intention to buy.We are very grateful to Jacqui and her team for the initial excellent service provided. Thank you and kind regards”


Commercial Property Sold By Owner - South Melbourne VIC

“We were extremely happy with the outcome of selling our commercial property in South Melbourne. It was a unique commercial property with a residence. We were also very happy with the service along the way. Thanks again for all your assistance.”

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