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Selling FAQs

(Q) Is it safe to sell privately?

(A) Yes it is. We will provide you with guidance every step of the way and will ensure that you have all the necessary tools to sell just as well as any agent.

Common sense prevails when doing an Open For Inspection. We suggest that you ask for some form of ID before you let people inspect your property. You have the right to ask for full identification.

Any serious buyer looking at your house will not object to providing full identification.

(Q) Do I need any legal advice in order to sell privately?

(A) Yes you do need a legal representative to help you prepare documents and finalise the deal!

No Agent Property is registed as a Real Estate Agency and as such is not allowed to provide any legal advice in relation to the sale of your property.

If you do not have a solicitor to help you with the sale and you would like our assistance, please give us a call and we’ll help you find a local representative.

(Q) How much money will I save if I am selling my house “for sale by owner” through No Agent Property?

(A) Selling your property through No Agent Property saves you thousands of dollars. The average agent’s commission across Australia is around 3% of the sale price. So if you are selling a property worth $500,000 you stand to save $15,000 (plus GST). On top of that, an agent will also charge you somewhere between $3,000 and $15,000 for marketing campaign.

With No Agent Property you only pay once! There are no hidden fees, there are no monthly fees and there is no commission! Checkout our selling packages here and our listing packages here.

(Q) Do I need to be a sales person to sell my property privately without an agent?

(A) No, you don’t need to be a sales person to sell your own home. Remember this - no one knows your property better than you and buyers find it very refreshing dealing directly with an owner.

It is more about communication skills than sales. Another thing to remember is that when you are dealing with buyers, you only have ONE property to sell, whereas an agent has other similar properties to show your buyers, so will they always have your best interest in mind?

(Q) Selling your own home or property sounds too complicated and time consuming. Is that true?

(A) Selling a home or property privately does not have to be time consuming nor complicated, even though you will be handling all buyer enquiries and showing your property to prospective buyers.

Many of our customers communicate with the buyers and hold only one or two selected open times. Often properties in rural locations are more likely to only require an arranged inspection time.

From that point of view, if you are selling a block of land, then the process is much simpler as you don’t have to open it for inspection or get people through it.

Yes there is some time to put in, but remember the thousands of dollars in commission you will save, along with the control of your sale.

These days many Australians are choosing to sell privately. This would not be the case if it was hard!

(Q) When is it the best time to sell a property?

(A) New buyers entering property market every day! Some buyers require an urgent purchase and some are happy to take time to find their perfect property.

Traditionally spring is ‘deemed’ as a good market to sell in, more so because properties are often at their peak-presentation due to greenery and spring flowers etc. It’s more a myth than a fact. Spring can often be your worst enemy, as there are many other properties for sale, giving buyers more options to choose from.

The state of the economy can also affect the market place: if the economy is steady, then so are buyers and sellers. If the median price for houses is rising then you’ll find more buyers come into the market.

Listing with No Agent Property takes that pressure off, as our listing packages are once off payment and your property is listed until it is sold. You also have full control of editing your pricing to suit the market, even after it's published.

(Q) How can I make sure I get the best price possible?

(A) As part of all our sale packages, we include a Comparative Market Analysis report that provides you with historical sales data of similar properties in the area where your property is located. This is a must for any seller! We use RP Data in order to generate these reports. RP Data is considered a market leader in providing property data information and is used by most Real Estate Agents across Australia.

A property is worth as much as a buyer on the day is prepared to pay. Your aim will be to get as many buyers interested at the same time, so you are in a better negotiating position. You do this by way of a strong marketing campaign.

Choose the best package you can afford, as each package provides additional exposure on the selected websites, with the Ultimate Package providing the most. We would be happy to help you make the decision if you are not sure what would be best for you, just give us a call.

(Q) How & when do I arrange a contract of sale?

(A) The Contract of Sale is a legally binding agreement between a seller and a buyer. A Contract of Sale is different to a 'Vendor Statement' but, more often than not, they are combined in one document to provide to interested buyers.

It is best to use a local conveyancer or solicitor who has standard documentation available, which is then customised to suit your particular sale.

Each state in Australia has their own individual rules and way of presenting a Vendors Statement. This is why it is best to use a local conveyancer or solicitor.

Also ask for a soft copy, as buyers may request this.

It is best to organise the contract of sale as soon as possible so that when you do get an interested buyer you can get them to sign the contract the same day.

(Q) Agents say they have a database of buyers and they can sell my property very quickly. Is that true?

(A) This is the biggest misconception that agents want you to believe in! Just think about it – if you were looking to buy a property, would you wait for agent to notify you about a property or would you be actively looking for property on portals such as and

Buyers don’t just sit in an agent’s “database” and wait until when an agent calls them about a property. They are out there actively looking themselves!

When you purchase one of our packages, we will advertise your property on various Australian portals such as, and for one low price, and your property will remain live until it is sold.

What’s more – at No Agent Property we have a buyer alert feature where we encourage buyers to register their personal details and property criteria that they are looking for. When suitable property comes on the market, those buyers do get notified via email. As a seller, you will also be notified if there are suitable buyers for your property.

We currently have thousands of buyers registered with us looking for properties across Australia.

(Q) Is it legal to sell your own property?

(A) Yes is it totally legal to sell your property privately. There is no law that prohibits the owner to sell their own property privately without an agent!

(Q) Does it take long to sell a property?

(A) This greatly depends on many factors such as demand for a location, price that you asking for your property and certainly your exposure.

Agents generally like to have your listing for at least 3 months. The main reason is because they too do not know exactly know how long it will take to sell.

If you are in a position that you HAVE to sell now, then we suggest conducting the STRONGEST campaign that you can to gain the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE you can in the shortest time possible. If that’s your situation, do give us a call for a free, no obligation discussion.

If however you are not pressured to sell immediately, then the selling time can often be in your control. The important thing to remember is that whether you are rushed or not to sell your property, it is about getting the best exposure and value for money that you can. This is why we have several packages for you to consider.

(Q) How is it possible to sell or lease a property at such low prices?

(A) No Agent Property has been a sustainable business for over 15 years and, in fact, was one of the first private selling websites. Our package prices are based on high volume and low profit, providing the opportunity for our customers to sell privately at a very economical cost.

When selecting a private seller company, it is important to check the longevity and sustainability of that company. Over the years we have seen many businesses start; take money and then fold. No Agent Property is an official subscriber to all the major websites and here to support your sale.