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I have decided to manage my rental properties myself and for the first time there was a need to advertise. 

I really wanted to advertise on the 2 most popular sites - domain and realestate - but both would only accept an ad from the agent. 

Of all companies I found on the internet, NoAgentProperty had the best offer: for just $235 I got ads on BOTH and until sold! PLUS board PLUS ads on a number of other popular sites! The agent would normally charge two week's rent that in my case was $690 plus marketing expenses.

I purchased the package and learned the CONVENIENCE of the offered services - no hassle - all worked seamlessly! E.g. I planned my own open for inspection times on line and they would automatically reproduce this info on all the included websites!

I have successfully rented the property within 3 weeks and was able to choose a right tenant. 

Thank you so much for the amazing service!