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(Q) If I am selling privately, how can buyers find my property?

(A) The short answer is - Internet!

These days most people turn to Internet when they are searching for property. And the most popular Australian property portals are and! That’s where your property will be advertised if you choose to list with No Agent Property and buy either Premium or Ultimate package.

However, we also provide physical advertising for you to attract buyers, such as signage and brochures.

(Q) How do I get in contact with you should I have any questions?

(A) We are accessible via telephone, Livechat (bottom right hand corner of our website) or email.

Our business hours are 9.00am till 7.00pm AEST/AEDT 7 days a week! The friendly staff at No Agent Property are available to answer any of your questions even before you list your property with us and all the way through to the sale!

Please remember, when you are selling your property through No Agent Property – you are not alone!

(Q) An agent tells me that they have database of buyers and they can sell my property very fast. Is that true?

(A) This is the biggest misconception that agents want you to believe in! Just think about it – if you were looking to buy a property, would you wait for agent to notify you about a property or would you be actively looking for property on portals such as and

Buyers don’t just sit in an agent’s “database” and wait until when an agent calls them about a property. They are out there actively looking themselves!

When you purchase one of our packages, we will advertise your property on various Australian portals such as, and for one low price, and your property will remain live until it is sold.

What’s more – at No Agent Property we have a buyer alert feature where we encourage buyers to register their personal details and property criteria that they are looking for. When suitable property comes on the market, those buyers do get notified via email. As a seller, you will also be notified if there are suitable buyers for your property.

We currently have thousands of buyers registered with us looking for properties across Australia.

(Q) I don't have good photos to post with my listing. Can you help?

(A) Having good photos representing your property is very important! We highly recommend you spend a little bit more money to get professional photos done because this will most definitely help attract more buyers. Photos are almost always the first thing that buyers will look at.

We can organise a photography for your property at a very reasonable price. Just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

(Q) I get calls from agents claiming that they have a buyer that they want to introduce. What should I do?

(A) Agents generally promise that in order to get your listing. Be wary of that!

Always keep in mind that a serious buyer will see your property online and will contact you if your property is suitable. A buyer will not wait for an agent to introduce them to the property.

You just need to ensure that you maximise your exposure to the market by listing your property on all major property portals such as, and

(Q) Everyone I know is using to find a property, why would I want to list my property on and other portals?

(A) One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a seller is to assume that all buyers use one particular portal, be it the biggest property portal in Australia, such as

There are, and there will always be hard-core users of various portals. Remember, humans are creatures of habit! Just like you and your friends only use to find properties, there are people who only use or or any other portal for that matter. If you only advertise on – you will miss out on those buyers. That is also a fact!

Also, we find that certain sites are more popular in certain locations or amongst certain user groups, such as's growing dominance in the emerging mobile market.

That’s why we always suggest to maximise your exposure by advertising on as many major property portals across Australia!

(Q) My property is in a regional area. Can you help me sell it?

(A) Yes, we certainly can! In fact quite a large number of our customers are from regional areas. So give us a call and we’ll help you out with the process.