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(Q) What kind of board is included in your packages?

(A) Our packages include standard 600 x 900 corflute board or we can also provide other kinds of printed advertising to maximise your local exposure and draw in buyers for inspections, including large real estate photosign boards.

(Q) What's the size of the board that is included in my packages?

(A) The standard 'For Sale' / ‘For Lease’ board is about 600mm x 900mm.

(Q) What does the corflute board look like?

(A) Please click HERE to see what standard corflute board looks like.

(Q) How long will it take for the board to arrive?

(A) Once we receive your payment and you confirm your delivery address, the board will be dispatched next business day via Australia Post with tracking number. If you need the board as soon as possible, please call our office and we can organise express postage to ensure the board is delivered to you next business day.

(Q) Can the board be delivered to a different address?

(A) Yes, the board can be delivered to a different address. At the time of listing, you will be prompted for the delivery address of the board.

(Q) I need a photosign board with photos and description. Can you organise one for me?

(A) Yes, we can certainly organise a professional photosign board for your property. We use Open2View for our board printing and installation. Many Real Estate Agents across Australia use the services of Open2View for their boards. In most circumstances these boards will be professionally installed and removed for you.

(Q) What does photosign board look like?

(A) Please click HERE to see what photosign board looks like.

(Q) How long will it take for the photosign board to be installed?

(A) From the time the board design is approved by you, the board is usually installed at your property within 48 hours.

(Q) I am not allowed to place a sign on my property; can you adjust the price of the package accordingly?

(A) Sure, just give us a call. We will happily organise the right price to suit your needs.

(Q) Can I purchase "Open For Inspection" directional signs?

(A) Yes, we do have "Open For Inspection" directional signs. These signs are great tools to notify people that your property is currently open for viewing.