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(Q) Can I start my advert and finish it later?

(A) Yes, when you start your advert it remains in a draft format and is not published until you are ready. You will have 24/7 access to your advert which can be edited at any time, even after it has been published.

(Q) How long does my property stay listed on No Agent Property, and the other portals?

(A) Your property stays on as long as it needs to. Either until sold, or you request to have your listing removed.

(Q) I have specific questions about my property. Can you help?

(A) Once you have started your advert, No Agent Property administration are here to help and we can see your advert even if it is not published.

We have professional advertising consultants that can assist you with your advertisement, whether it is a house for sale, a farm for sale, land for sale or any other type of property you are selling.   

(Q) Can I list more than one property through No Agent Property?

(A) Yes, you can list as many properties as you like. In fact No Agent Property has a unique, easy to use dashboard that allows you to see all your adverts, including their performance. 

You have 24/7 access to all your properties and you can make changes at any time. Your changes will be pushed to all relevant portals automatically.

(Q) Can I call you if I have some questions?

(A) Yes you can! We are accessible via telephone, Livechat (bottom right hand corner of our website) or email.

Our business hours are 9.00am till 7.00pm AEST/AEDT 7 days a week! The friendly staff at No Agent Property are available to answer any of your questions even before you list your property with us and all the way through to the sale!

Please remember, when you selling your property through No Agent Property – you are not alone!

(Q) Once I am with No Agent Property, can I also list with an agent?

(A) Yes you can. We do not lock you into an Exclusive Agreement. When you list with us, we ask you to sign a General (non-Exclusive) authority that allows you to list with other agents if you choose to do so at a later stage.

Our authority clearly specifies that there is no commission payable on the sale of your property and that all marketing fees have been paid, so there is absolutely no confusion.

(Q) How come it is so affordable to sell through No Agent Property?

(A) Unfortunately Agents have been charging hefty commissions for years. No Agent Property has been established since 1999 and we have assisted thousands of customers selling and renting their property without paying any commissions. 

We found that most properties that priced correctly do sell themselves! You just need to make sure you get as many buyers through your property as possible!

Finding buyers is all about maximizing your exposure. This is why the DIY method of selling a property through No Agent Property works. When you list your property through us, we’ll advertise it on all major Australian property portals such as, and plus others.

Not only do we help you maximise your exposure, we also give you full control over your advertising campaign.

(Q) How Do I Cancel My Listing?

(A) You are in full control.   You can mark your own property as sold or under contract at any time.  Or just request to remove or cancel your advert by emailing with the reason for cancellation. We’ll take care of the rest.

(Q) How can I cancel my account?

(A) There are no contracts, nor ties between No Agent Property and our customers. You can request to remove your details at any time.  Just email us: and let us know the reason for your request. We’ll do the rest.