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Packages FAQs

(Q) Which websites do you list your properties on?

(A) We list properties on the following portals:

We are constantly on a lookout for more exposure for our customers.

(Q) If I buy a premium package, can I upgrade to ultimate package later?

(A) Yes, you can, although it is more economical to buy an ultimate package from the beginning.

(Q) Can you recommend other ways to help me maximise my exposure?

(A) We highly recommend conducting weekly inspections for your property. This will generate interest from buyers reluctant to call to organise a time. We can offer extra marketing material, such as Open for Inspection signs to draw in more buyers.

We can help you to edit your online advertising to improve interest in your properties. We can even suggest new strategies and other advertising methods that aren't included in our standard packages.

So if you're wanting to maximise exposure, give us a call on 1300 850 855 and we can discuss the many tailored options and services we can provide!

(Q) None of the packages you have suit me. Can you create a customised package for me?

(A) Sure, just give us a call on 1300 850 855 and we’ll gladly customise a package for you.

(Q) I can advertise privately on Why should I advertise through No Agent Property?

(A) That’s correct, you can advertise on privately. However, what you will find is that it is much more cost effective for you to advertise via No Agent Property.

Privately listing on costs in the vicinity of $500 per month! This price may vary depending on your location. Advertising on Domain is included in most of our packages, which are around the same price, but of course include all the other websites and print advertising too!

(Q) Apart from package fees, are there any other costs that I should know about?

(A) No, there are no other charges.

(Q) How much commission do you charge?

(A) We do not charge commission! Once you purchase your advertising package, there are no other fees or charges. The fee structure is that simple!

(Q) I have my own "For Sale" board; can you adjust the price of the package for me?

(A) Yes, we can adjust the price of the package. Just give us a call.