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Enquiry Handling

(Q) How do buyers get in contact with me?

(A) If the buyer saw your ad on our website, they can either call you directly (provided you exposed your telephone number) or they can send you an online enquiry.

If, however, the buyer saw your property on one of the 3rd party portals such as or, they will either call our office or send an online enquiry.

The online enquiries are passed on to you automatically in real time.

The telephone enquiries are handled by our professional staff who will collect buyer’s details and email them to you, and then give them your phone number also if you chose to display it on our site.

Please note that our telephone lines are open from 9am till 7pm AEST/AEDT 7 days a week. If the buyer calls outside this time, we pass on the message first thing the following morning.

(Q) What happens when a buyer makes an online enquiry for my property?

(A) When a buyer makes an enquiry about your property, our system automatically handles this enquiry by:

1. Sending the enquiry directly to your email address

2. Sending your contact details to the buyer

(Q) What happens when someone calls about my property?

(A) When a buyer makes a telephone enquiry about your property, the enquiry will be handled by one of our trained staff.

We will collect the contact details of the buyer and the enquiry and email this information to you. We will also pass your details to the buyer.

(Q) My contact details are not displayed on any 3rd party portals, how would buyers contact me?

(A) Buyers generally enquire about properties via phone or email.

When a buyer calls our office, one of our friendly staff will attend to the enquiry and collect buyer's details. Those details will be sent to you on the spot via our internal email system. On top of that, we will also pass your contact details to the buyer so they can call or email you directly.

Please note that our office hours are from 9am till 7pm AEST/AEDT 7 days a week.

If, however, a buyer selected to contact you via the online enquiry system, all enquiries are automatically matched to you and you will receive the enquiry in real time. Once again, your details are also emailed to the buyer. This system runs automatically and does not require human interaction. We found that this is by far the most reliable way for us to connect buyers and sellers.