As a private commercial leaser, you cannot list directly onto RealCommercial.com.au as you must have a license.

But, your listing can go through No Agent Business - official subscribers licensed in every state!

⇒ All enquiries by potential tenants go to you within minutes.

⇒ The listing stays online until it's been leased.

⇒ Advice on ensuring maximum exposure on the site is included.

Best of all, there's no commission to pay...ever!

Realcommercial.com.au can get exposure for all kinds of commercial properties.
They group their listings into 9 different categories for commercial advertising, helping relevant buyers or potential tenants to find your property.

1 |  Offices  Small medium and large, ground floor, or even in a commercial building, rural or metropolitan.

2 |  Retail  All retail types right from beauty/hair salons to petrol stations.

​3 |  Industrial/Warehouse  Designed for the industrial property, including ‘stand-alone’ or in an industrial estate. The premises could be for mechanics, trucking, storage, mechanical, trade, car yards, engineering, production, warehousing or similar.

4 |  Showrooms/Bulky Goods  Similar to industrial and can be sometimes be interchangeable. Would suit those that have a showroom and are more ‘light industrial’ or even retail industrial.

5 |  Land/Development  For any development opportunity, including land only or multi-storey opportunities, offices, or even residential subdivisions. Well looked at by builders, developers, planners and those looking for opportunities.

6 |  Hotel/Leisure  Any accommodation or leisure premises including hotel, motel, caravan parks, home stays, large B&B’s, tourism or sporting.

7 |  Medical Consulting  Includes hospital, medical suites, dentist premises, doctor’s practice, etc.

8 |  Commercial Farming  Any farm that produces an income, including from agriculture, aquaculture, cropping, dairy, grazing, horticulture, winery, livestock, pastoral stations, plantations or even mixed farming.

9 |  Other  For any miscellaneous types that ‘do not fit’ into ANY of the categories above.


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RealCommercial’s website is easy to use for tenants searching to lease a commercial property. Tenants can search by state, suburb, and by category. They can even choose a minimum price, a maximum price along with minimum and maximum size of the premises. There is also a great ‘refined searching tool’ for advanced searching. This includes, amount of car parks, Tenure Type (Vacant or Tenanted) and Energy Rating. In this ‘refined search’ tenants can also choose the radial distance from the suburb they choose. This is a great tool for tenants, as it is often the case that a tenant is looking for a specific area to either invest in or lease the premises to run their own business in.


No Agent Business assist with this, as we align our category types to the major portals. You can choose 3 categories to list your commercial property, per advert. If you are unsure ‘request a call’ from one of our commercial specialist consultants.


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  • Realtime SMS Alert for Phone Enquiries
  • Extended Priority Customer Support (Email, Phone, Livechat)
  • Realtime SMS Alert for Email Enquiries
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  • Access to a Commercial Agent
  • Professional Copywriting

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NOTE: Even if you already have your property listed with another agency, you can list your property twice on all of the major sites.

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Yes, when you start your advert it remains in a draft format and is not published until you are ready. You will have 24/7 access to your advert which can be edited at any time, even after it has been published.
This is a very straightforward process. On signing up with us, you will be directed to a page where you will be requested to itemise the specifics about your business or commercial property. If you have everything ready to go, the procedure can be as speedy as 10 minutes. If, however, you don't have it all prepared, you can enter in only the information that you have and you can always come back to it later when you are ready.
We can be reached via telephone, Livechat (bottom right hand corner of our website) or email.

Our business hours are 9.00am 'til 7.00pm AEST/AEDT 7 days a week! The friendly staff at No Agent Business are ready and willing to respond to any of your questions, even prior to you listing with us, continuing right through to the sale!

Please remember, when you're selling through No Agent Business – you are not alone!
Yes it is. Common sense prevails when running an inspection for your commercial property or business location. Our suggestion is that you take down some form of ID before you allow people to inspect your business or commercial property. You have the right to ask for full identification. A serious buyer or potential tenant should not have any objection to offering full identification.

If you're concerned about any of the legal and documentation side of selling your business or commercial property, we can point you in the right direction to get the right advice about what you should be doing. We'll make sure that you've got it all sorted and can help ensure you get a secure deal.
With the exception of Juwai, SeekBusiness and BusinessForSale, your business or commercial property will stay on all other portals for as long as it needs to - either until sold, or until you request to have your listing removed.

The Juwai, SeekBusiness and BusinessforSale subscriptions are for 3 months only. These can all be extended as many times as you need for a further 3 months for a small fee.