The sale of your business is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, so getting it right is critical. To achieve a good outcome and the results you seek, consider the following steps to sell your business successfully.

  • ​1. Get a qualified business valuation

    Valuing your business accurately is essential if you don't want to risk losing money by setting the wrong price. Business owners who seek to save money by not getting a business valuation risk setting a sale price that is emotionally driven. If it’s too high it might turn off potential buyers, or if it’s unnecessarily low it will keep you from cashing out at full value.
  • 2. Determine the current worth of the business

    Once a business valuation is complete, you can assess the gap that exists between what the business is worth, compared with current sale price expectations.
  • 3. Develop a business improvement strategy

    The valuation will provide a baseline value for the business and allow the owner to work with a business advisor to develop a strategy to improve its profitability and increase its value. You may choose to enact this before selling, or simply having a plan for growth can increase the business' value and attractiveness to buyers.
  • 4. Get your paperwork in order

    Ensure all record keeping is up to date, current financial statements are prepared and available to process, and make sure all tax lodgements and deadlines are up to date. A business that doesn’t have up to date financials available will be less attractive to prospective buyers and will result in delays in selling.
  • 5. Show future & growth plans

    Businesses that can present business and sales plans to show future opportunities for growth will attract more quality buyers.
  • 6. Produce Forecasts

    Businesses that have well designed cashflow and financial forecasts with supporting comments will provide assurance and reduce risk for buyers, and can add $$$$ to your sale price.
  • 7. Document your business systems

    Have a full and detailed procedures manual covering all aspects of the business, with documented systems for sales, operations, employment, health and safety. This makes handover easy, which will be appealing for potential buyers.
  • 8. HR management

    Make sure your employment contracts are up to date and get all staff entitlements up to date. You don’t want any horrible surprises if you discover a staff member is owed a substantial amount of holiday pay, especially since this burden is likely to turn away someone who may want to take over the business.
  • 9. Finalise any legal issues

    Resolve any legal issues that may be current or pending. Buyers get very nervous if they discover any legal matters are unresolved.
  • 10. Current Customer and supplier contracts

    Having long term customer contracts in place will provide the buyer with confidence in your business and provide some security in terms of future income. Also, if a certain supplier is critical to the business operations, having a current secure supplier contract will reduce operational risk for buyers.
  • 11. Check your Lease

    Ensure your premises’ lease is up to date, with options signed and in place for the lease to be easily assigned to the new buyer without any complications – ask a lawyer if you are unsure.
  • 12. Tax on sale

    Ensure that you identify the tax implications of sale and speak with your accountant about the way to structure the sale to minimise your tax.
  • 13. Find the best place to sell your business

    Traditionally brokers are used by owners to list and sell their business, but they can be expensive. The average business broker charges 5-12% of the sale price, resulting in $$$ commission being deducted from the proceeds on sale. Money paid to brokers can be used to pay for an advisor to prepare your business for sale, who can equally help you deliver on your sale price when you can choose to sell your business privately. A good private business sale site is No Agent Business (, who offer people valuable assistance to sell their businesses privately. This means you won’t be liable for the commissions charged by Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents when selling or leasing your valuable assets. They also include an offer that If you don't sell your business through No Agent Business and decide to go with an agent they organise for you, they will give you back 100% of the fee you paid us, plus 10% for all your hassles! Yes, that's a 110% money back guarantee. Make this process stress free and enjoy life after your business sale.

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No Agent Business is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent/Business Broker and does not charge any commission for the real estate agent services that it offers. This applies in every State of Australia and all major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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Yes it is. Common sense prevails when running an inspection for your commercial property or business location. Our suggestion is that you take down some form of ID before you allow people to inspect your business or commercial property. You have the right to ask for full identification. A serious buyer or potential tenant should not have any objection to offering full identification.

If you're concerned about any of the legal and documentation side of selling your business or commercial property, we can point you in the right direction to get the right advice about what you should be doing. We'll make sure that you've got it all sorted and can help ensure you get a secure deal.
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